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Shoe Repairs

You can save a lot of money by repairing or altering footwear to get more wear out of them. Before you throw them away talk to us.

We can solve a number of problems:

  • Straps and sandals chewed by a dog.
  • Missing heel covers.
  • Broken straps or buckles.
  • Boots that are a bit too tight (or too loose).
  • Soles worn or starting to separate.
  • Stitching that has come apart.
  • Shoes too tight.
  • Resole your shoes.
  • Restitch seams.
  • Recap stilettos.
  • Replace or patch straps.
  • Fit spikes to sports shoes for Cricket or Golf

We are also one of the only stockists in town of Skellerup Red Band gumboots.  Feel free to give us a call and enquire if we have your size.

Contact Us for Shoe Repairs

Cricket Player? We can fit spikes to most shoes.